Fuel Surcharge for December = 95%
The fuel surcharge will fluctuate by 0,5% up or down for each
10 cents the fuel price rises or falls.
Volume factor 5000.
Volume calculated at L x B x H (cm) divided by 5000.
The greater of the actual kg's or volumetric kg's is the charge mass.
Insurance is charged at 5% of the total value of the consignment, with a minimum of R100.00 for R2000.00 value and a maximum of R1000.00 for R20 000.00 value. 10% excess of the claim. Insurance is available on request. Goods handed to the carrier are always at the sender's risk. It is the sender's responsibility to INSURE all goods handed to the carrier.
Shopping Centers, Chain Stores, Government Agencies, Construction Sites, Embassies, Farms, Plots, Airports, Hospitals, Townships, District Roads, Mills and Mines will attract an extra delivery surcharge.
Our network currently reaches over 3000 towns & suburbs nationwide.