1. Yearly rate increases are done on the 1st January of every year, the increase value

will be between 6% - 18% on existing rates. This will exclude the monthly

fuel surcharge which is determined by the monthly increase / decrease of fuel.

Should the increase rate exceed 18%, customers will only then be notified of the

new figure / figures for the current year.


2. Accounts not settled within 90 days will be put on hold, until paid for in full.

     Customers will have to pay cash for collections / deliveries.

All goods remain property of Falcon Transport until accounts have been paid in full.


3. 30 day accounts not paid by the 7th of the due month, will attract an interest fee

of 2,5% per month. After 120 days the account will be handed over for collection. 

Interest will be charged until the account has been settled in full.


4. Goods will not be released to cash customers until transport has been paid for in full.


5. Before a collection is done, it must be specified who is paying the transport. If this is not

done, the receiver will be liable for the payment. Should Falcon have to go back to the

sender to collect payment, there wil be a levy of R80.00 incl VAT to be added to

the invoice and the goods will only be released once the invoice has been paid in full.


6. C.O.D deliveries will not be released until paid for in full or unless agreed to between

the sender at Falcon Transport Management by e-mail.


7. Falcon Transport cannot be held responsible for cash C.O.D's  as cheques and electronic

transfers are the preferred method of payment.


8. Contract customers wishing to upgrade / downgrade / cancel their agreements will have to 

give 30 days notice in writing before the contract can be changed / closed.


9. Payment must be confirmed and goods ready and waiting before the collection is booked

via Falcon Transport's offices.


10. As we are an Express Courier, a driver has a total of 7 minutes to do a collection.


11. Goods handed to Falcon Transport are always at the senders risk. It is the senders

responsability to package goods correctly for transport and insure all goods if neccessary.


12. If goods are not ready for collection when a driver arrives, it is the suppliers duty to 

inform the customer that Falcon has been and the goods were not ready. 

The collection must be re booked by the receiver.


13. A customer will be charged the minimum amount for transport if the goods were not

ready for collection when the driver arrived to collect.


14. Falcon Transport will not accept liability for any shipment if no insurance has been

taken on the consignment, it is up to the sender to insure the goods if the 

receiver has not made prior arrangements.


15. All collections / deliveries must go through Falcon Transport's offices and not 

through any other staff member / drivers / van assistants.


16. Goods not collected from Falcon Transport 7 days following the collection will levied

a daily storage fee of R10.00 per day excluding VAT.

Goods not collected from Falcon Transport' within 30 days following the collection,

will become the property of Falcon Transport and will be sold to defray costs.


17. Supplier invoices / delivery notes may be signed as "GOODS UNCHECKED / NO LIABILITY" by 

a Falcon employee but the Falcon waybill will be the only documentation used

for any queries and is the deciding factor.

The invoice / delivery note is a confidential document between the sender / receiver and

should be already packaged in the box / to the parcel upon collection.

As Falcon employee's do not check and count the contents of sealed boxes / parcels and are not 

instructed as to what they are collecting from suppliers there can be no claims against

Falcon Transport or any of it's employee's if an invoice / delivery note has been signed.